Adventurer Songs

The Adventurer song is usually sung at most club meetings but this is not a compulsory requirement. The General Conference have recently voted to have two Adventurer Songs and at least two additional songs widely used in throughout SPD.

Please check with your local Mission / Conference which song is used for your region.

All songs are featured on this page. Please see listing below:

‘We are Adventurers’ – GC

‘We are joyful and faithful Adventurers’ – GC

‘We’re Adventurers’ – New Zealand

Written and composed by Robyn Dunlop

Adventurer Song sung in the Islands

Writer and composer unknown

Additional Adventurer songs written by local SPD writers are featured below as a suggestion for music for a club special item:

Adventurers Song – Words & music by Tammy Cinzio

Because Jesus Loves Me – Words & music by Cynthia Delaney