Club Resources

An Adventurer Club requires organisation. Here you will find documents to help you with this

Click on the link to download the resource:

This MANUAL contains all information an Adventurer Club Director would need to know in RUNNING A CLUB (11MB / 72 pages)

Sample of the Induction and Investiture programs

Click here for the sheet music and videos of the Adventurer songs (2)

Uniform details including the position of insignia (sleeves)

Click here for more information on the revised logo

NEW Book Club Certificate here (signatures are needed before they are presented to the Adventurer)

Link to MISSION stories for the Adventurers to get their Story Listening or Reading Awards

Download the latest poster of the Adventurer Awards

Click here for a list of extra class resources provided by fellow Teachers from all over the South Pacific Division

If you have created a resource and would like to share this resource with other clubs in the Division please contact us. We would be honoured to share your resource with others in SPD